Guidelines for submission abstract/video EBA2023

Abstract Guidelines 2023 - 20th European Burns Association Congress - Nantes, France

Deadline for abstract submission
Abstracts can only be submitted online via the abstract submission form. Abstracts sent by post or email will not be accepted. No exception will be made. Deadline 30 April 2023, 23.59 PM (CET).

Spelling and grammar
Abstract must be written in English. It is the authors’ responsibility to submit abstracts with no errors in spelling or grammar. Abstracts will not be corrected in terms of spelling or grammar prior to publication.

Rule of three
Each author may present a maximum of three abstracts at the congress. Should an author have more than two abstracts accepted for presentation, a co-author must be named as presenting author for one or more abstracts.

Up to 5 authors (submitting author + maximum 4 co-authors) are allowed per abstract.

The submitting author should be the first author and the presenting author, and he/she will be the one considered for the prizes (if he/she has the right characteristics). Please, notice that if the work is presented by a different co-author, his/her age and his/her profession will be considered for the prizes. The change regarding the presenting author should be communicated before the beginning of the Congress.

The data of the authors should include: First name, last name (no personal title), affiliation (listed in numerical order corresponding to the authors order), for the corresponding author be sure to include the email address.


First name Last name 1, First name Last name 2*
1          Affiliation 1;
2          Affiliation 2;
*           Correspondence:; Tel.: (optional; include country code)

Abstract’s elements and structure

  • For standardization, the acceptable length of the abstract is a maximum of 250 words. Titles are limited to 30 words.
  • To ensure smooth scoring of papers, the topic of your work must be selected during the submission process.
  • After submission of the (author) data it is not possible to make any online changes (through the system). Editing is possible until the deadline for abstract submission.

Structure (Mandatory)
: Concise and specific
Aim: Just one sentence for highlighting the purpose of your study
Methods: Briefly describe your study design, patients or subjects, and the methods applied
Results: Summarize your study’s main findings
Conclusions: Indicate the main conclusions or interpretations, the possible clinical applications and/or further research

Indicate 3 keywords that can facilitate the search of your work

Case reports
Must be submitted using the same components (Title, Aim, Methods, Results, Conclusions).

Tables or Figures
No Tables or Figures are allowed in the abstract’s submission phase. Tables and Figures may be presented and included in the Oral or Poster Presentation, but they are not allowed in the abstract itself and they will not be published in the special issue of the EBJ if the abstract is accepted.

List of topics
The sessions in the EBA Congress in Nantes will be multidisciplinary. The topics’ list covers the different aspects of burn care, and any professional (e.g., nurse, surgeon, OT, intensivist, FKT…)  can submit abstracts in the topic that best suits.

  • Basic research
  • Critical Care and Anaesthesia
  • Geriatrics
  • Infection
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition and Metabolism
  • Organization and Mass Casualties
  • Pain
  • Pediatrics
  • Prevention
  • Psychosocial and Psychiatry
  • Rehabilitation
  • Scars
  • Wounds

If included, cite the number in text using brackets, e.g. (1). In the reference list, note the authors, the title of the article, then journal name, year, volume, and page range.


  1. Author 1, Author 2, Title of the article. Journal Name, Year, Volume, page range.

Further information required
Be ready to answer also the following:

  • If the age of the first author (should be also the presenting author) is 35 years or younger he/she will be considered for the Best young investigator prize award.
  • If the first author (should be also the presenting author) is a Professionals Allied to Medicine (PAM) member and thus entitled to a PAM prize
  • Declaration that you have ethical approval, approval for submission of the work from your local institution, consent from individual participants (or their representatives) to present and publish if the abstract contains details relating to individual participants (for example a case report).
  • Disclosures of conflict of interest (including funding information): Authors should disclose potential conflicts of interest (such as funding support of the work submitted, funds supporting the participation to the Congress, or any other funder involvement, especially if coming from industries). In case no conflict of interest exists, simply check the “The authors declare no conflict of interest” box.

Please, be aware that all the declarations (including data, affiliations, content of the work submitted, ethical approval, consents obtained, and disclosure of interest) are under the direct and unique responsibility of the authors.

Please, notice that in case the abstract is accepted, and the work is presented by a different co-author, this change should be promptly communicated as the data (age and profession) of this one will be considered for the prizes.

Submission confirmation
After submission of the abstract, the submitting author will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 30 minutes after submission, please contact us at

Abstract review
All submitted abstracts go through a blinded peer-review process carried out by selected expert reviewers.

Abstract selection
The scientific/program committee will make the final selection of abstracts for inclusion in the congress programme. Abstracts can be selected for oral presentation during one of the four plenary sessions or for presentation as a poster.

Notification of acceptance or rejection
Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the submitting author from week 21 of May 2023. Instructions on the preparation for poster and oral presentation will be included with the notification of acceptance. Please note that the submitting author who receives this notification email is responsible for informing all co-authors of the status of the abstract.

Publication policy
All accepted abstracts and the final programme, will only be published on the EBA congress website. All EBA participants will also receive a link to a congress app through which the abstracts and final programme can be accessed. The abstract book will also be published on the EBA congress website. In addition, all oral and poster presentations will be published on the EBA congress website, providing author approval has been granted.

Resubmission policy
Work that has been previously published or presented at a national, regional or international meeting preferably should only be submitted provided that new findings (e.g., relevant updates) information is included.

Congress registration
Presenting authors are also required to register separately for the congress. For registration, please go to www.eba2023org.
Registrations not received or paid, will result in a rejection of the submitted abstract.

Travel compensation
No travel compensation is provided for abstract presenters.

If you have any questions regarding your abstract submission, please contact the congress office at



Video Guidelines 2023 - 20th European Burns Association Congress - Nantes, France

EBA is organizing a collection of videos relating to the main thematic track of the next EBA Nantes Congress: “Life beyond survival.”
The selected videos will be shown at the conference.

Video Requirements
• Videos should be maximum of 3 minutes long, including opening and credits
• Adequate sound and image quality should be assured for projection onto a big screen
• Videos must be filmed on the horizontal scale
• Videos may be recorded in any language, providing, in any case, English subtitles
• Avoid unlicensed/ illegal use of copyrighted material
• Ask for consent and release of images of recognizable people in your video, particularly if the images are recorded in a private setting, such as a home or office, or in a situation where recording images is restricted, such as in hospitals
• The authors of a video bear full responsibility for ensuring that no material is used which could result in claims of any sort (royalty, breach of contract, etc.)
• The authors of the videos will grant permission for non-exclusive, non-commercial, unlimited screening of the video during the EBA conference and on the EBA media platforms
• Viewer discretion should be advised for potentially sensitive content

Text introducing the videos
The authors should provide a short text introducing the video (max 100 words).

The authors should provide 3 keywords for facilitating the search of their video.

Inclusion & Judging
The organizers of the EBA Congress reserve the right not to show non selected videos and to exclude videos that contain offensive content or with insufficient sound or image quality.
The attendees to the EBA Nantes Congress will be invited to judge the videos in terms of relevance, content, quality, and creativity.

The Best video prize will be assigned on the basis of the Conference’s attendees voting in terms of relevance, content, quality, and creativity.
The prize will consist in the complimentary registration for the first author for the next EBA Congress.